Monday, April 24, 2017

What UNICEF does to help people after Tsunamis

The UNICEF is often first to act when a tsunami hits a region and they go to work right away. They provide lifesaving humanitarian relief to the survivors. They provide clean water and sanitation and immunizations in case some of the people are at risk for disease or malnutrition. They help the community build back their town and provide materials to build buildings.

Why I chose to do Tsunamis as my social issue

I think its important to understand that natural disasters are a big issue to many communities today. Especially developing countries that are already having problems with their economy who are then getting hit by tsunamis and other natural disasters. Some people don't realize how much of a problem they are, tsunamis can get up to 100 feet in the air. Imagine that just crushing your home and all the other civilians that lived near you. After the tsunami it can takes several months to clean up all of the damage that it did. That's why I decided to talk about this social issue.

Friday, March 24, 2017

My Thoughts on my Argument Essay

My argument essay was about whether or not the death penalty should be out there. During my research of this essay I learned  different ways that people were executed back in the olden days. I also learned about all of the studies that were made by different people on whether the death penalty should be allowed. In my argumentative essay I was on the "No" side of the argument. I argued that the death penalty shouldn't be allowed and why. During my essay I researched textual evidence to try to back up my claims that I had. After making a convincing argument I then acknowledged the other side of the argument. Once I did this I took down the other side of the argument with more textual evidence. Then I ended my essay with a strong claim at the end. I really learned a lot about how argue in an essay, I also learned different facts about the death penalty that I didn't know before.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Reflection of Argument Essay's

In class right now we are learning about Argument essay's. When we first started learning about how to set them up I thought that it would be really hard. Once I started writing though, it was actually quite easy. The thing that I think I still need working on is the hook at the beginning of the story, and the strong conclusion, that ends the story. Everything else is going pretty well as far as I'm concerned.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

This is Milbank thoughts

This is Milbank is a very fun project that I thought was a great learning experience. I learned a lot of things of my subject the Wind Mill. I learned that the Mill was a very important thing people used for grinding wheat and it had to be used by the wind blowing the Mill. One thing that surprised my was that the person that built the Mill, Henry Hollands was named after the Mill. When I realized that Henry Hollands was buried right next to where the Mill is right now I thought that was pretty neat, and that the Mill was very important to him. I found it interesting that Henry Hollands was an Englishman that if he wouldn't have came here Milbank would have never had our Mill. Keep me updated on all of my blogs to see if they need any improvement.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


     Curiosity to me is very important. It is important to me in many ways, without curiosity nothing new would ever happen in my life and probably not in anyone else's. Everyone has probably had curiosity in their life before and if not well you must be pretty bored. Curiosity means a strong to know or learn something.

 Curiosity can be good or bad, in many ways. If your curious to do something just do it with precaution or it could be really bad. Some ways to do this is to just restrain yourself. Everyone has curiosity but do you know how to use it? From the beginning of time people have been curious and you have to be curious to discover new things and be successful. If you weren't curious then you wouldn't discover anything new and your life would be nothing but boredom. As you get older it seems that you lose the interest to search and be curious. Curiosity isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is good to have it just don't let it control to do bad things in your life. You stop living if you become aren't curious, it's life.

Friday, January 6, 2017

    Lake Farley is a park where you can hang out and swim or go on the playground that they have. There are many picnics places where you can picnic at. The lake was man made for the fuel that the train used back then. There is an old train there that you can visit. There are many events that take part at Lake Farley  such as concerts that take place once and a while. That's why I think that Lake Farley is an important place in Milbank that should be appreciated for everything it does for the community.
    Darby Helms does so many things in my community. She plans the pretty much the entire religious Ed program that teaches kids the Catholic religion. She is a big help in all the catholic activities such as fall fun day and some of the fundraisers.
     Farley fest is a really fun thing that they do that they do for the community. They have jumpy houses and lots of food and at night when its dark they light fireworks. We sing the national anthem for the fourth of July before the fireworks start. It is really fun I go every year its a great experience.